No one can come between you and this view…
It will give you such a pleasure to watch the sunrise and the full moonlights from the terrace of your villa without interruption. Good thing you’re here, you’ll say it’s good that you live on Sky Arc Line.No one can come between you and this view. Because you are at the highest point of the Earth and your front is completely open, and there is no construction allowed behind you.

What is our difference from other companies?

Customer happiness
The primary aim of our company is to win “guests who prefer it every year”. The best way to achieve this in our sector is by presenting the houses with minuses and pluses correctly and at the most affordable prices.

Video and Photo
Our team, after obtaining the complete information of all the houses in the portfolio of the company, takes pictures and videos and presents our portfolio to you with all its pros and cons.

Experience and Trust
Our team was established by the gathering of names with more than 25 years of experience in their own industry. Our company, with its employees both in the regions and in our office in Izmir, is aware that the villa holiday is a tourism area that requires a lot of effort and has been serving in this sector for years.

Institutional structure
In order to have a corporate structure, our company deals with each customer individually and offers them the most affordable prices in the market. Since we act with the logic of tourism rather than real estate, our prices on our page are clear and non-negotiable.

Quality portfolio
Our company, out of more than 500 units in its portfolio, markets only the houses that are in a special position and that we can describe as “hassle-free”. This selected portfolio has been formed by filtering houses with different criteria over the years. All the houses on our page have been checked and examined by our team. It is not marketed on any of our home pages that we do not see ourselves.

Wide Scope Of Work And Activity
Our company offers not only a certain region, but also many coastal parts of our country, chalets with fireplaces in winter and different rental houses in summer.

Ready To Start New Project With Intrace?

You can reach detailed information about the services we offer within the body of Architecture, and you can contact us with any questions you may have.
We want you to know that we will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us to get detailed information about our work and to see what we can do for you.